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          Guangzhou Ruina Palace Cosmetics Co., Ltd. under the Hong Kong Palace Ruina plant Rachel International Beauty Group (established 1973), a wholly owned subsidiary of the enterprise is the Chinese cosmetics beauty health industry has a unique 44-year history and culture of national brands, is positioned as a development of beauty industry benchmark!
          Guangzhou Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is Asia Palace Ruina whole body pioneers customized health...         Details>>

        Culture Ruina Palace is love, love is the premise, is the foundation of love, love is the people of the country; the body, mind, and spirit health is the basis for all kinds of happiness. In the culture of love... MORE >>

        Within five years the development of 100 Direct chain, franchise and 3000 completed the listing!
        To become Asia's only high-end full-body Personal Tailor Health Management Center!

        Ruina Palace stores nationwide
        [Elegant Precious Enjoy luxury]

        Shaping the natural beauty, health, beauty, natural beauty


        So far has been nearly 50 years of planting Rachel, it served markets throughout the country the size of the city, the shop has no less than hundreds of thousands!

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